Youth trening program -kurunegala

programs :- leadership trening programPlace :- maeliya shcoolDate :- 2015.08.08Participate :- 40 membarsමෙම වැඩසටහ  තුලින් සංසදය තුල තරුණ කණ්ඩායම් යාවත් කාලින කිරිමත් පරිසර විනාසයට හඩක් නැගිමත් සන්විධානය තුල දෙවන පෙල නයකත්වයක් ගොඩනැගිම තුලින් ජනතා වියාපාරයට සක්තියක් විම මෙ තුලින් බලාපොරොත්තු වේ

Black protest by veediye virodaya kurunegala 09.30 Am wariyapola junction 02.30Pm, maho junction 04.00pm polpithigam junction

praja shayogitha society kurunegala Prisage dayakathwaya laba duni

         Shabagithwaya 12k

Land issue of Irudeniyaya

Irudeniyaya is a highly active agriculture area of about 2000 acre situated in Polipithigama divisional secretariat of Kurunegala district. In 1971, during Srimawo Bandaranayake period these lands were devided among people under the upper land development scheme introduced by the same government  to increase the agreculture production. since then almost every selected governments of Sri lanka except the governments under the leadership of J.R.Jayawardana and R.Premadasa, helped to develop farmers settlement with providing required infrastructures.  There was a threat of  re-aquisition of the given lands in Irudeniyaya during R.Premadasa led Government but finally President D.B.Vijethunge given in-write land tenure to the villagers.          thereafter development of infrastructure incresed including medical centre, electricity, roads and schools.  During the Mahinda Rajapaksha government, land aquisition threat again came in to Irudeniyaya, which now living around 2500 families in 6 …

ඉඩම් ගැටලුව ඉරුදෙනිය

අමති ජයවික්‍රම පෙරෙරා මහතාගේ පැමිණිම